Sunday, July 19, 2009

Class 5990

So one of the things that I found interesting in this week's readings was found in the article, "Accessing the Internet: Connection Technologies." The author talked about the downside of cable broadband is that the nodes in an area share the available bandwidth causing a slower connection speed. This is something I never realized, I have noticed slower connection speeds at some points but I never really knew it could be due to the fact that my neighbors with the same Internet service were using a lot of bandwidth. I guess if I had thought logically about the system it should have occurred to me. The other article, Internet Technologies TCP/IP, had an interesting discussion on IP addresses and the solutions to running out of the 4.3 billion possible when conceived in the 1980's . I appreciated the explanation, as confusing as it was to me, of IP addresses because I have never really understood how they are developed.