Tuesday, March 24, 2009

library 2.0

Yeah, I have talked a lot about library 2.0 in my classes at school. I completely agree that libraries all over the country need to take advantage of the tools that web 2.0 has to offer. These tools help us to connect with the younger generations who spend most of their internet time at social networking sites, and by fostering and encouraging their use of libraries we create a customer for many years to come. But it should also be noted that people of all ages use all of these social networking sites, so really we have an opportunity to meet all sorts of users. I really like the ideas about making a library website kind of amazon-like. When a user sign-in recommendations pop-up based on his or her general interests. Tagging and customer commentary also seems that it would help users in selecting materials. I constantly cite the reviews on amazon and other online book sellers to get an idea of the book. Without having the book in hand, I strongly rely on commentary because the content description never really satisfies me. I think customer commentary would be really nice with the audio book catalog.

One thing that libraries need to remember is the digital divide runs deep in this country. People who do not own computers or do not have access to the internet are still a large part of the clientele. Librarians cannot allow their drive to keep up with all the technological advancements consume them to the point that they forget about the other populations they serve.

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