Thursday, February 18, 2010

Google Maps and Mashups: Awesome!

I really liked this activity. You can see my map at:

Wow! That took along time to embed that map correctly. Still some of the descriptions of the stops are messed up, with random lettering inserted in the words, but I have worked on this long enough and don't know how to fix it. Nevermind the embedding actually failed in the end so you have to use the link at the bottom of the post. This is a map of a very unrealistic biking tour around a small island in the South Pacific. There wasn't much on this island so I didn't really take advantage of the mashup things, like find a restaurant close by. But creating the destinations was a lot of fun.

I think that the library could make great use of google.maps. One thing that comes to mind is creating walking tours that highlight different aspects of Tulsa. We could create a map that directs people through downtown to see all of the art deco architecture that it holds and small descriptions of the buildings' histories. Or maybe a driving map of "have to see" parks in the area, giving small pieces of info on the best features each park offers. Or a map that highlights Route 66 venues in Tulsa, with histories attached. Or a map of famous places in Tulsa, like Admiral Twin -how it was in the Outsiders, and throw in a link or a note reminding people that they can get the book and the movie at their local library (I'm not sure how many more famous places we have, but it seems like a cool idea.)

It seems like the best uses for the library would be featuring the multiple sides of Tulsa's architecture and history. Although these things are not the major focus of the library, community building definitely is a major focus. And by creating ways for people to become more familiar with the history of their city it should increase pride in it, and hopefully a desire to preserve and work to improve upon the community.

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  1. awesome map! and why don't you get crackin' on that art deco map? :)